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Achieving Lifetime Employability is Easy!

Dileep Srinivsan, Founding Partner of PowerFluence, along with noted co-authors Ashok Shah and Ross Kelly has released a new book on Achieving Lifetime Employability. It is available to order now.

Achieving Lifetime Employability is perhaps the most comprehensive and detailed book in the marketplace today on how to achieve and sustain career growth in this new millennium.

The authors conduct a detailed examination of just what it takes to survive, thrive, and remain viable and employable in the 21st century workplace.  What are the skills, attributes and attitudes required to maintain your relevance and employability in an everchanging marketplace fueled by innovation, technology and global competition?

If you are looking to,

  • Continually be employable,

  • Achieve accelerated growth in the workplace,

  • Navigate the organizational complexities of your workplace,

  • Cultivate your leadership skills, or

  • Hone your entrepreneurial skills

then Achieving Lifetime Employability is for you.


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