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Hyperautomation, in simple terms, can be defined as an expansion of automation. By effectively combining AI tools with RPA and codeless API Integration, Hyperautomation enables automation for virtually any repetitive task executed by business users.


Hyperautomation helps to reduce the volume of manual work and repetitive work that could cut costs, reduce clerical errors, help people do better work, and deliver higher efficiencies.


PowerFluence, along with its partners, brings a powerful set of hyperautomation services and solutions that positively impact the value chain of an enterprise.

The PowerFluence Hyperautomation Suite consists of MuleSoft Composer to enable codeless integration of enterprise applications, Salesforce RPA tools to automate processes, AI for end-to-end automation, and Machine Learning for process mining and choosing the right processes for automation.


By leveraging these technologies we help customers to optimize business results, improve ROI, empower the workforce, and automation of complex business operations. And through Hyperautomation, we transform your key business areas:

  • Operational experience

  • Connected Customer Experience &

  • Employee Experience

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