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Flow Orchestration

A flow is a business process modeled in Salesforce that guides users through the process and can update, create, and delete information in support of that process. Flows are a commonly used feature of the Salesforce platform.

Flow Orchestration is an application that supports complex business processes by combining and coordinating multiple flows together.  Flow orchestration applications typically span multiple users and different parts of the organization .


Flow orchestrations allow businesses to monitor internal processess and performance on a large scale, helping to improve efficiency and drive timely results. Orchestrations have be shown to improve client satisfaction and reduce costs.

In addition, using flow orchestration can reduce or eliminate the need to solve complex business problems through application development. Most flow orchestration applications can be supported and changed by system administrators, reducing the dependency on coding and application developers.

PowerFluence has a proven track record in helping enterprises improve process efficiencies, streamline process touch points, and build future-proof process designs that allow for easy future integrations. Contact us today to find out how we can help your organization.

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