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Powerfluence & Replete Health sign strategic partnership

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, May 1, 2018 / -- Powerfluence after two years of successful operations expands its portfolio of digital offerings and proud to announce its partnership with Replete Health, a US-based company focused on integrating Artificial Intelligence into the world of healthcare and medical sciences thereby improve the health of the patients. The partnership which comes into effect in April 2018 is set to create a benchmark in the fields of technology and healthcare. Replete Health is all set to launch the company in the midst of over 350 speakers from the healthcare industry at the World Health Care Congress (WHCC 18). Dileep Srinivasan founder of Powerfluence to join the Replete Health Advisory Board. Powerfluence, being the strategic partner is excited about the expansion of its wings into the fields of healthcare. “Looking beyond the fact that Digital Health Start-ups raised an all-time high of 11.5 B$ in 2017 our Point of View is that this sector is poised for a sustained accelerated growth, though most of the companies have been focused on sick care, model, and a very few are disrupting thru paradigm shift to real well being health care model, Replete Health will lead that pack” says Srinivasan. Although Replete Health was in stealth mode over the last two years during product development, the company is aware of the competition and assures the versatility of the coveted product. Ms Lalitha Adibhatla, President and Chief Compliance Officer of Replete Health says “We have been under the shell for the past two years in developing our fantastic product, which is designed to significantly improve doctor patient communication by nudging both stakeholders to communicate, using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Now, our partnership with Powerfluence increases our strategic marketing and sales capabilities in reaching our target audience. We plans to leverage Powerfluence’s experience and expertise to penetrate the health care market at an accelerated pace. We look forward for a flourishing relationship with Powerfluence.” This is an enterprising new beginning for both the companies and looks forward to fruitful endeavors with Replete Health. About Powerfluence. Powerfluence is an investment portfolio and digital advisory firm that accelerates digital journeys for small and medium enterprises. Powerfluence enables clients to realize higher valuation, superior customer experience, increased operational efficiencies and growth through newer revenue models. Powerfluence achieves this by leveraging the platform, solutions and services provided by its portfolio companies Powerfluence has its headquarters in New Jersey in US and has a wholly owned subsidiary in India. About Replete Health. Replete Health is a first-of-its-kind platform, which aims to create a real healthcare model, that saves time and improves healthcare outcomes for patients, care providers and the whole ecosystem in general. Replete Health has built an Artificial Intelligence engine which detects the decline in quality of treatment. The system nudges patients and doctors to act to bridge this gap. Replete Health has its headquarters in Delaware, United States of America with operations in the United Kingdom and India.

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