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Improve Customer Loyalty with the® Service Cloud®

Customer Service
Sales Cloud

Customer service contact centers are often seen as an unavoidable expense that follows the sale of a product or service, but a quality contact center that provides a superior customer experience can improve customer loyalty and increase the chances of future sales to your customer base.

Every time you connect with a customer, you have an opportunity to reinforce a positive customer experience, correct negative experiences, and deliver your value proposition for future selling and upselling.  Customer service that reduces wait times, gives customers multiple ways to communicate with you , and provides accurate answers quickly will improve customer loyalty and enable repeat transactions.

There are many call centers tools on the market, but customer contact needs to be viewed as part of an overall marketing strategy to engage with your customers and promote brand loyalty.  Therefore, a holistic approach is needed.  Focusing on the complete customer experience means a post-sale service call becomes an opportunity to reaffirm your customer’s buying decision and better understand their future needs that can impact long term behaviors such as repeat buying.

The Service Cloud from provides you not only superior customer service, but an opportunity to nurture and grow customer loyalty.  That opportunity exists because Service Cloud is part of the award-winning Customer Success platform from  It’s closely tied to marketing leading CRM and Digital Marketing solutions, helping you understand your customer better and positioning your marketing messages in a way that yields results.

In future posts we will examine just how Service Cloud provides effective customer support, works across many channels for connecting with customers, and helps you define the overall customer experience in working with your organization.

Contact PowerFluence today to learn how the Service Cloud can help your customer support.


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