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Service Cloud®


Your customers are your priority so providing them a transformative experience is critical to your business success. PowerFluence team can enable this and help you maximize customer loyalty and profits by capitalizing on every customer interaction and through multiple channels using Service Cloud.


Our trained experts can help integrate and implement Service Cloud to help your team be more productive and enable them to create deeper more meaningful relationships with your customer by delivering more personalized support across all your channels.

From the quick out-of-the-box Service Cloud implementations to entirely customized application development, we will provide you cost-effective services that will enable:

  • Increased agent productivity through a unified customer view across devices & systems for faster case resolution and a more satisfied customer

  • Effective case management by your agents immensely improving how they manage their cases and communicate with your customers, to bring about improved clarity in communications and speedier issue resolutions

  • Improved customer satisfaction by minimizing deflected calls, improved first call resolution, and reduced case resolution time.

  • Heightened Customer Empowerment by integrating AI and machine learning that allows for enhanced self-service capabilities and providing faster & smarter answers.

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