Organizations are embarking on digital journeys.

Powerfluence takes a unique approach from traditional IT consulting services.

We help you transform your operating model and value chains to improve benefits from the use of digital technologies for your customers, employees and shareholders through the use of our proprietary “value pools” model. We help you transform your digital journey’s across:

  • Customer Intent

  • Enterprise Digitization

  • Talent Acquisition & Retention 

  • Innovation 

  • Sales & Marketing Capitalization 

  • Product/Service Monetization ​


Accomplishing the Digital Journey

  • Enterprises are forced to embark on journeys to embrace digital consumers. They embark on this transformation by taking small journeys. Each journey accomplishes certain goals, and is a step to the future which will be a fully integrated digital enterprise. It’s not the destination but the journey – small practical, incremental, affordable steps to reach the goal


  • Powerfluence is in the business of accelerating success in these journeys. Powerfluence brings value by bringing top expertise who can identify “value pools” within an organization. Value pools can be anything from resources, tools, assets or IP. Powerfluence further assists organizations by helping them fill any voids in their value pools that would inhibit them from having a successful journey.


  • Powerfluence approach to making clients journey painless and successful is governed by focusing across the integrated levers of a particular journey.

Powerfluence Value Pools

Value pools are hidden in the organization, built from a combination of:

We help organizations identify these hidden assets, and create and build new assets as needed to ensure an agile digital transformation journey.